How to wear a midi skirt

  • About midi skirts

Buying a midi skirt it’s a good investment in your wardrobe as it’s multifunctional. One skirt can take you from office work to  evenings meets, from long walks on the beach to the friend’s wedding.
The variety of shapes: tulip, flowing, full, pleated and the variety of length it’s a style that suit anyone.

  • Perfect top

Choosing a right top for the skirt it’s sometimes hard, but here are some examples with what you can pair your skirt: try with ruffled blouses which are for a chic look, knit sweaters, silk button down or a off shoulders top. If you want to keep it simple choose a white shirt which it’s always a great solution.

  • Perfect shoes

Midi skirts can be worn with high hills and flats in summer/spring and knee high boots in autumn/winter. With stiletto your outfit will look more feminine and graceful. You can option also for high heels sandals but try to avoid ankle straps heels because visually will shorten your legs.  You can choose a pair of high heels sandals with ankle but in this case try to choose a nude color.

Many girls are afraid to combine flats and midi skirts because it will cause the same problem as shoes with ankle straps- will shorten your legs, but this is not true. The trick is to choose pointed-toe flats and pick a slightly shorter skirt.

For autumn and winter, knee high boots paired with midi skirt will look very trendy. This duo it’s classic and flattering, wearing one color and your look is more formal for business and if you’ll play with colors your look will be more casual.

  • Midi skirts with coats

For cooler evenings or cold seasons a coat it’s a necessary. The more complicated part is to choose a particular type of coat that will look perfectly on you. For midi skirts are 2 types of outwear:

  1. Short jackets- it works the best with this kind of skirt because short jackets will leave the skirt exposed and will show all the beauty of your skirt;

2.Long coats- make sure that the length of your coat is long enough to cover completely the skirt.

Try to avoid any other types of the length of coat because it won’t look so good and will gives the feeling that your outfit is cut in half, without proportions, loaded with many fabrics and with different hems will look to messy.

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