Lazy day and what to wear

There are days when you have time to pair your clothes, to look more fashion, to try a new makeup that you saw yesterday on YouTube, to stay more in front on mirror, but are days when you don’t have time or mood to do it all. You just want to take something comfortable from your wardrobe and go. Comfortable doesn’t mean ugly, you can still look chic in this kind of clothes. The below you can find some cozy yet chic looks.

  • Leggings – can be the base for several outfits. On top you can option for a crop top with a jeans jacket, you can choose a knit sweater or a hoodie.
  • Dress – it can be a tank dress, a shirt dress or a floral dress. It’s one piece clothing and you do not have to worry about pants, you just take your dress and pair of sneakers or sandals and it’s a pretty awesome look
  • Maxi skirt- paired with a tank top or a white T-shirt good for hot summers.

At the end choose what is more comfortable and suits better for you, that will make your day more bright.

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