How to dress at office?

Now there are so many options when it comes to finding perfect office style. Avoid wearing only gray and black, add other colors to your work wear, dare to combine.

Clothes are an essential element in identifying your personality. Your style must combine the professional look with the happy one. Any outfit should then be customized, depending on age and preference.

Classic always conquers when it comes to work-wear. It is true that dark-colored clothes are worn most often but you can wear blue, gray, dark green or dark purple blue. You can very well wear some colorful shoes.

The outfit can be constantly improved, wear shirts and ties of white silk, dark gray or brown, colors so modern this season. You will turn many heads if you wear such items.

Accessories play a major role they can save or ruin the outfit. A cute, stylish belt, a scarf, a tie or a brooch give an elegant touch.

The most important accessories are shoes. The pins must have a proper height. They cannot be worn with very high heels. Of course, shoes have to be elegant and comfortable to be able to withstand a day’s work.

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