How to Wear Neutral Colors

Surely you have in your wardrobe some clothes in neutral colors.

Reading this article will tell you how to combine them to be trending and attracting attention. It is good to have neutral shades in the wardrobe because they are classic and will never get demoted.

Neutral shades are perfect choices for everyday outfits, but also for the most formal ones. However, beige, gray or white is not always easy to wear. That’s why you need to learn how to match neutral shades to create a chic look.

If you are a blonde woman and pale skin, you should not wear a dress in the same shade as your skin. Search for those that fit your features. Generally, women with lighter complexion look great with darker neutral shades like yellow, brown, black or caffeine. If you want a more feminine look, try to combine complementary nuances.

A brown skirt will fit nicely with a top cream or black. For a cooler evening or for a party, you can match a charcoal or gray dress with a simple cardigan.

Wearing a neutral color matching with bold shades, you’ll be able to highlight your features and get a glamorous look.

Neutral colors can soothe a bold outfit that would go too high. This way, you will have wonderful outfits for daytime occasions, but also for some more formal ones.

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