What are the colors of 2019 in fashion?

The colors of 2019 in fashion are the line that fashion designers will follow and will be adopted by the majority of the population from this point of view. Of course, in terms of chromatics, there are many nonconformists.

The colors of 2019 are heading to classic combinations that highlight the features of the face and silhouette. You can swing between warm and cool colors.

In 2019, the balance between the clothing and the skin color is very important.

The colors of 2019 in fashion are:

Pale Pink:

In 2019, pale pink means elegance and refinement. The pale pink can be worn both on a bridal dress and on a thick overcoat on the threshold of the winter. Scarves, French hats or pockets in this powdery pink tone give a very luxurious tone.

This color can be worn on both garments and shoes or accessories. This color emits a special sex appeal, a luxurious and mysterious air.

A classic and elegant shade. Will mainly be worn on small accessories and garments made of very lightweight materials.

Navy Blue:
Although it is a cool shade marine blue can be present in a lot of hold, office, casual or festive. Can be worn on evening gowns. This color offers a special advantage to the wearer.

These being among the elements that designers will juggle this year. The accessories in a dirty, dusty white hue also send to the vintage area, luxury and opulence.

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