Types of a tie for men

Ties have been worn by men since antiquity. A properly chosen male tie is a status. It would seem that the tie is not of great importance. But it’s not like that. There is a variety of ties and today you will find out what types of male ties exist and how they differ from each other.

What types of ties for men exist?

The classic . It is the most popular tie among men. Its width may be different and it will be chosen correctly.

The tie is a special tie pattern to the previous ties. By look, it really looks like a bowie. The bow tie is worn with a frac or tux.

The king’s tie is a tie with a knot made with a knot at the back.

is a type of festive tie. This is a leather sling with a moving brooch.

– is different from classic tie by length and width. It is usually longer and wider, it can be tied in a knot and is usually black.

is a tie with a few cuties in the node area. It’s a type of tie famous for the Scottish.

is a festive tie that a golf man plays, as well as a popular tie for the bride suit.

is also a tie for festive events.

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