Cut Candles

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Cut Candles

Cut Candles

Give any area in your home a splash of color by setting out one of these carved candles. Each candle boasts...


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Shower Bomb Making Kit

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Infant Animal Sheet Masks

Have a little fun while you nurture and rejuvenate your skin by using these baby animal sheet masks. Each t...


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Sun Umbrella Chair

Dont let a hot day stop you from hanging out by the pool, the beach, tailgate, etc. ? this sun umbrella ch...


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Skin break out Cover and T...

These acne cover and treatment patches are ideal for those with troubled skin or unwanted scars. Designed t...


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All Natural Deodorant

Avoid exposing your body to harmful chemicals by switching over to this all natural deodorant. Apart from i...


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Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Give yourself a manicure the easy way with help from this wearable nail polish holder. This over sized sili...


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Clogged pore Remover And P...

Improve your complexion by getting rid of unsightly blackheads using this remover and pore cleanser. After ...


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Rainbow Blush Makeup

Brighten up your Plain Jane face by complementing your look with some rainbow blush makeup. It offers a vib...


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Human Key Holders

Never lose your keys when you get home with these human key holders. These hilarious and useful key holders...


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